Through its various activities running all year long, Beirutiyat aims to:
• Reconnect citizens with the roots of this ancient and glorious city.
• Rekindle symbols of nationalism, social duty and communal responsibility, and expand the scope of voluntary work by promoting the work of NGOs.
• Build bridges between citizens and their political representatives by working closely with the public sector, particularly the municipality of Beirut.
• Shed light on pressing issues of basic socioeconomic needs in underprivileged or underrepresented communities.
• Engage the youth in the decision-making process, and support them by providing career counseling services to fill market gaps and accelerate change.
• Empower women to be active players in all aspects of the Lebanese society.
• Lay the foundations to facilitate networking among citizens with innovative ideas or skills.
• Become a reliable resource for evidence-based information on the cultural, social, touristic, and economic potential of Beirut, further promoting its central role as a regional hub.