Kulluna Irada

Kulluna Irada is a civic organization for political reform. We believe we can set the foundations of a modern, secure, efficient, sustainable and just state through strong and fair governance. We are financed exclusively by Lebanese citizens: residents and members of the diaspora who want to bring positive change to their country. Kulluna Irada believes in transparency, accountability and citizen participation as major constituents of good governance. We partner with Lebanese NGOs active in fields that are of interest to us and seek access to the information needed to shed light on the work of public institutions. Our goal is not only to expose issues but also to propose solutions and work toward sustainably implementing them. Kulluna Irada believes that in order to be able to influence political reform we need to raise awareness on public issues while actively and constructively working on resolving them. This can be done by engaging constituencies of our society in a holistic way: engaged and concerned citizens, NGOs, experts, as well as local councils, MPs and Government.