Senior Software Engineer (Full stack)

  • Proximie
  • BDD,1243 FLOOR 8
  • Aug 20, 2019
Full time Engineering Tech

Job Description

We are looking for a passionate JavaScript expert with a strong understanding of fullstack
development and knowledge of the full Software Development Life Cycle, from a card in a backlog,
through planning and development, to deploying and monitoring in production.The candidate should know about continuous integration, testing strategies, design systems, software architecture, data
and analytics, user experience, accessibility,internationalization,web performance.You know when to get involved and when to delegate;when to speak up and when to listen.Most of all, you’re passionate about our mission.

-  Contribute technically to projects, research and the design of new systems
- Reviewing and updating legacy code to new architectures and frameworks
- Code reviews and the up-skilling of web engineers to newer technologies
- Reinforce development best practices for quality assurance, security, and deployment
-  Drive technical projects and provide leadership in an innovative and fast-paced environment



- Near fluent English speaking, reading and writing ability
-  BSc Computer Science, Mathematics, or similar
-  3+ years professional experience creating modern web applications
-  Expert in modern JavaScript such as TypeScript , ES7, Classes, Rxjs, Promises,etc
-  Expert in modern CSS such as SCSS, CSS3 animations, Flexbox, Grid, etc
- Very Strong experience (2+ years) in React 16+ and/or Angular 2+
-  Strong experience in Git, Git Flow and code management tools
-  Strong experience (2+ years) in using JavaScript preprocessors/tools such as Webpack
-  Strong experience in migrating deprecated technologies such as Backbone, jQuery, and the like, to newer component based frameworks

- Strong experience and knowledge of immutable data flow and using state management frameworks such as Ngxs, Redux, etc
- Strong experience in designing and implementing databases and backend technologies such as JavaScript, Python, PHP, SQL, etc
-  Strong experience in designing, implementing, deploying and maintaining authenticated cloud systems
- Strong understanding and experience in ATDD & BDD methology and using testing frameworks such as Jest, Puppeteer, Mocha, Chai, etc
-  Strong understanding of basic networking technologies such as HTTP and DNS

Bonus points:

-  Experience with Jenkins, CircleCI, and/or other continuous integration and delivery systems
- Experience in Microservice, Server and Serverless architecture such as ClaudiaJS, Serverless framework, AWS Lambdas / Google Functions, etc
- Experience in container services such as Docker, Kubernetes, etc
- An eye for design and passion for using newer tools to streamline the asset pipeline such as Sketch, Zeplin, etc
- Experience with WebRTC, signaling servers and Coturn