Big data analytics and programming - Internship

  • Azmi Beik, Tripoli, Lebanon
  • Feb 13, 2020
Intern Entry Level Information Technology Tech

Job Description SAL is a Tripoli-based company that builds analytics for the treatment of big data.
In particular, Neotic builds proprietary algorithms for the unsupervised learning treatment of financial data, adjusting the outputs to become deterministic and not random on one hand, and including information theory in distance measurement (Credits go to Nassim TALEB) on the other hand.

Despite the current financial turmoil in Lebanon, Neotic still sells AI tech to the EU and the USA, with bigger difficulties. The opportunity is here to use our mathematics skills to find patterns in big data and using YouTube channels to learn new sciences to be applied in our services.

An open position is available for an intern at our premises where students can learn pattern recognition techniques with the possibility of hiring at the end of training if the behavioral and technical skills of the trainee constitute a good fit with the company objectives.

At the end of the internship, you can expect to acquire skills in the following: python, machine learning, applied analytics, pattern recognition, database, financial markets, stocks trading. How best to apply: Write a neat motivation letter after checking the Neotic website inside out, stating why you became interested in the company and why you think you will be an added value to its services. Also, write a CV on your own, it’s ok to have a short CV, this is normal for fresh or nearly fresh graduates.

Best candidates profile: Nerds with a high sense of ethics, natural gift for maths and logic, sociability, flexibility, ambition to make a difference in the world, will to become a key team player at Neotic (this would be WOW!)