Operations & Quality Manager

  • Grappem SAL
  • Beirut Digital District, Beirut, Lebanon
  • Jun 03, 2019
Full time Business Development Management

Job Description

Job Description - Operations & Quality Manager

This position is designed to guarantee the efficient cooperation between Grappem and its clients by

managing and monitoring the services provided on and off the field. The position must be filled by an

applicant with the following attributes:

  1. Strategic mindset;
  2. Meticulous attention to detail and a keen eye on maintaining customer satisfaction;
  3. Ability to use computer applications such as google docs, calendar, email and database software in performing work assignments;
  4. Ability to establish effective working relationships with clients & other members of the Grappem team.

Furthermore, the position is shaped by three main duties which the OQM is expected to fully implement, and these include:

1. Job Logistics Management:

a. Receiving relevant input from client;

b. Relaying information to Grappem job-seeker database;

c. Guaranteeing client requirements are met;

d. Planning and following up on job logistics (transportation, proper apparel, punctuality);

e. Relaying feedback forms to concerned parties.

2. On-boarding & Quality Management

a. Setting and implementing an efficient worker recruitment strategy;

b. Interviewing applicants;

c. Scheduling training sessions;

d. Analyzing data from client/jobseeker feedback forms.

3. Data Entry

a. Collecting all necessary input from applicants and entering them on the Grappem web admin panel;

b. Collecting all necessary input from clients and entering them on the Grappem web admin panel;

c. Monitoring the database of job-seekers, and guaranteeing an equilibrium of active/inactive users.

The OQM vacancy is a full time position in which candidate is expected to devote 9 hours per day, 5 days a